FunkoPole Woman Pole Dance Edition


How about a personalized FunkoPole in your image? Choose from the options below or let FunkoPole choose for you and receive a unique handmade customized figurine.

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Gold +3€




Short without bangs
Short with bangs
(+5,00 )
Long without bangs +5€
(+5,00 )
Long with bangs +5€
(+8,00 )
Short wavy without bangs +8€
(+8,00 )
Short wavy with bangs +8€
(+12,00 )
Long wavy without bangs +12€
(+12,00 )
Long wavy with bangs +12€
(+5,00 )
Short ponytail +5€
(+5,00 )
Long ponytail +5€

Outfit style

Multiple choice

Shoulder bra
Strapless bra
Fringe Skirt +8€


Multiple choice

Flat shoes
Heels +8€
Bow hair
Fingerless gloves
Gloves +5€

Main color of the outfit

Silver metallic +5€
Gold +5€
FunkoPole's choice. Let FunkoPole choose for you!

Secondary outfit color

Silver metallic +5€
Gold +5€
FunkoPole's choice. Let FunkoPole choose for you!

Option Rhinestones & Glitter + €10

Choose the glitter color

Pale pink glitter
Pink glitter
Purple glitter
Yellow glitter
Orange glitter
Red glitter
Turquoise glitter
Blue glitter
Tropical green glitter
Green glitter
White glitter
Black glitter
Silver glitter
Gold glitter
FunkoPole's choice. Let FunkoPole choose for you!


Box design (photo in the gallery)

Pop Box
Lounge Box
Sparkle Box


You dreamt of it? FunkoPole made it happen! You can now create a unique and personalized pole dance figure. Choose colors and styles from the options provided and specify your details in the designated area. These FunkoPoles are entirely handmade and 100% French. Each figurine is therefore unique and created once the order is confirmed.

The options for the outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and colors help us understand your preferences and define a theme, an atmosphere. Depending on the creator’s inspirations, the outcome will be different from the displayed icons. Once the order is confirmed, please allow a period of 2 weeks for the creation and shipment of the figurine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact FunkoPole!

Timeframe and Shipping: 3 to 4 weeks from order confirmation.
Figurine Size: approximately 12 cm in height, pole dance bar 15 cm
Material: polymer
Customized Box: Don’t forget to specify in the “Clarifications” the name you want on the box that will contain your FunkoPole 😉


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